Protocol and backend engineer

Company Name
Manta Network
Contact email
Jan 23, 2021
Remote/On site
Full time

Manta Network is the first privacy-preserving decentralized exchange. The project is built on Substrate to leverage the interoperability of Polkadot, as well as scalability and speed to deliver an incomparable user experience. Manta’s privacy-preservation is powered by zkSNARKs, and the project is launched by veterans in the space with backgrounds at Harvard, MIT, and Algorand.

We are hiring protocol and backend engineers to help us to build privacy preserving payment and decentralized exchange on Polkadot. The engineer will be working with world class cryptographers to bring privacy preserving solutions to blockchains using zero-knowledge proof. Below are good have skills:

  • System level programming using Rust or C/C++

  • Familiar with low-level system internals and network stack

  • Have basic knowledge of Cryptographic primitives, such as public key, encryption

  • Knowledge of the distributed system and consensus algorithms

  • Familiar with database and storage system