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Talisman 🧿
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Jul 08, 2021
Remote/On site
Full time

Talisman is building a wallet for Polkadot and its parachains. Our goal is to accelerate the emergence of cross-chain composability and help catalyse a network effect of parachain and protocol innovation.

There are 3 distinct aspects to the project:

1 - We are building a web extension based on PolkadotJS which aims to offer generalised support for all parachains, give dapp developers the ability to provide meaningful transaction context to users and protect users from fraud. We don't envision the extension being focused on seeing all your assets, we see it as an intuitive and reliable transaction device that allows you to traverse the multi-chain world; a Talisman imbued with auras of protection and wisdom.

2 - We are building an asset dashboard to accompany to our extension. It should allow users to connect various wallets, initially PolkadotJS and understand their assets in context. On the asset dashboard we plan to surface emerging financial opportunities like crowdloans or use cases on parachains like Acala and Moonbeam.

3 - We intend to create a social token that empowers our community and gives them the ability to meaningfully contribute to, and shape the products we build. For example, signalling which new financial opportunities in Polkadot they would most like to see added to our dashboard or what features should be included in our extension.

Talisman is an ambitious new organisation co-created by Flex Dapps and Hypersphere Ventures, a leading venture firm backing Polkadot pioneers.

Flex is a globally-connected Australian collective of dapp builders with a focus on augmenting the ways that the world is organised. New ways of organising allow us to harness efficiency, democracy, and eschew centralised power.

If this project sounds interesting, email us or join our discord and say hello.

If you want to see the previous projects we've worked on, check out