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Oct 27, 2021
Full time

About Subsquid

Our vision is that the growing complexity of Web3 dApps requires a new toolset for data ingestion and transformation. We believe that the developer’s creative minds should be focused on the application logic, and not be distracted by setting up the data infrastructure. Frequent iterations and short deployment cycles is what we understand by the best-in-class Dev UX.

About this role

As a Core Subsquid Developer we expect you to:

  • Develop core features to deliver best-in-class pipelining of the Substrate on-chain data

  • Research and develop new data indexers and integrations with new L1 chains and ecosystems

  • Shave off minutes and seconds of the query node synchronization time and latencies

  • Take ownership of the key parts of the codebase

  • Learn quick and share the knowledge with the Substrate crowd and Subsquid team

We believe our ideal candidate

  • Has at least 5yr+ experience as a backend developer.

  • Has experience building data-heavy backends

  • Eager to dive into the Polkadot/Substrate ecosystem

  • Nice-to-have: Has contributed to open-source projects

Our Tech Stack

Databases: Redis, Postgres
Backend: Typescript

We are pragmatic and opinionated with our stack and always welcome well-thought suggestions to onboard new tech.