DevOps Engineer

Company Name
Composable Finance
Nov 09, 2021
Full time

Full time remote position

We are looking for a person with the ability to deploy, maintain and monitor services, databases, or API endpoints, while prioritizing the ease of deployment, lowering the costs, and horizontal scalability.

About Composable Finance

Our team at Composable Finance is on a mission to build a fully interoperable future capable of offering developers and end-users alike seamless user experience and utility.
Our vision of hyper liquidity and composability abstract the underlying technology into a single interface, unlocking the potential for new primitives to be developed at an unprecedented pace.
We believe that creativity, communication, and community will be reimagined and reconciled for a more inclusive and composable future. Be a part of it...


  • Design, deploy, maintain and monitor infrastructure for (blockchain) data processing systems with API endpoints built on top.

  • Assure the security of each infrastructure component.

  • Design, deploy, maintain and monitor different types of non-traditional projects (such as deploying blockchain nodes).

  • Detect and fix issues with the infrastructure and detect (monitor) the issues with the backend implementation.

  • Create documentation for the deployed infrastructure on the design, deployment, and monitoring.

Required knowledge and skills

  • Experience with AWS Services such as EC2, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Lambdas, VPC (security groups, subnets, etc). 

  • Experience with containerization.

  • Experience implementing and maintaining CI/CD pipelines.

  • General knowledge of the infrastructure of Ethereum blockchain.

  • Skills to identify issues with backend infrastructure or code (monitoring, logging). 

  • Advanced English Proficiency

Nice to have

  • Experience with AWS CloudWatch, AWS  Elastic Beanstalk.

  • Experience deploying infrastructure for parachains (Polkadot/Substrate).

  • Experience deploying Ethereum blockchain nodes

  • Experience deploying backend infrastructures for DeFi projects to process, store and retrieve Ethereum blockchain data.


  • 100% remote & flexible hours

  • Growing challenging environment

  • Learning possibilities (conferences, meet-ups, courses, etc.)

  • Additional equipment

  • Paid time off

  • Crypto payment