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BloGa Tech AG
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Nov 26, 2021
André Schneider
Full time

About Ajuna Network

Ajuna Network (, a BloGa Tech AG (Switzerland) product, is a decentralized ecosystem for gamers and creators. It eases the creation of a tokenized incentive layer and provides seamless integration with modern game development environments such as Unity and Unreal. Built on Substrate, Ajuna can leverage the full potential of the Polkadot ecosystem and provide developers with a modular toolbox to build on-chain features into their games. Ajuna’s ultimate goal is to create real value for both gamers and developers by providing a fully interoperable decentralized ecosystem for games and their virtual goods.


The Ajuna platform provides a simplified way for Unreal and Unity developers to build an incentive layer into their games using tokenized virtual goods. The entire gaming engines will run in trusted execution environments, enabling fast, secure, and scalable decentralized games that can compete in the traditional gaming market.

The ultimate goal of the Ajuna project is to develop an interoperable, decentralized gaming ecosystem where virtual goods can be exchanged. This will mean that wherever an active community of willing players exists, they can continue to enjoy their favorite game, own and control virtual goods associated with it, and trade them in a decentralized community.

Full-time remote position

Are you passionate about gaming & blockchain and looking to make an essential contribution to the next blockchain native gaming ecosystem? We are looking for a software developer with proven Rust experience. Join our highly experienced, motivated, and growing team with deep knowledge in the strongly growing and promising field of blockchain gamification.


  • Design and develop from scratch new Substrate artifacts/palettes for our platform and games

  • Writing automated tests for production code

  • Performing design reviews and code reviews regularly

  • Creating technical documentation that enables cooperation

  • Working with virtual machines used by modern blockchains like WebAssembly

  • Design and architecture definition

  • Ability to quickly learn and teach new technologies and frameworks

  • Take ownership of the key parts of the codebase

  • Participate in the active Substrate Builders community

  • Continuous education and adaptation in the rapidly changing Polkadot/Substrate ecosystem

  • Close collaboration with the value stream gaming & design

Our Stack

  • Rust

  • Parity Substrate

  • React

  • ES6

  • AWS

  • Docker

  • Linux

Requirements & skills

  • 1+ years of experience writing, testing, deploying, and verifying Rust-based applications

  • High level of proficiency with Rust programming language, paradigms, constructs, and idioms

  • Experience in Docker and Linux

  • Experience with automated workflows (GitHub), Infrastructure API setup, scalability setup, load balancing

  • Eager to dive into the Polkadot/Substrate ecosystem

  • Contribute to the solution’s end-to-end architecture

  • Experience working with cloud services

  • Written and spoken communication skills in English

  • Availability for at least 3 months

 Nice to have

  • Experience working on Polkadot/Parity Substrate projects

  • Experience with React and ES6

  • Understanding of the crypto/blockchain space

  • Knowledge of consensus algorithm and blockchain protocol

  • Cryptography and system software development experience

  • Understanding of design patterns, operating systems, and networks.

  • Experience in agile development with Jira

Benefits & Compensation

  • Ajuna Network is a well-funded project, we offer a competitive salary based on expectations and experience

  • 100% remote & flexible hours

  • Growing, challenging, and fast-paced tech startup working environment

  • Great opportunity to become a blockchain expert

  • Be part of an experienced, competent team and take the chance to help us build a unique platform in the field of blockchain gaming