Rust/Substrate developer for Polkadot-based blockchain project

Company Name
Point Network
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Jun 16, 2021
Full time

We're developing web3.0 decentralized internet, with decentralized storage and web3.0 browser. It will allow all kinds of dApps to be created - decentralized, censorship-resistant Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, end-to-end encrypted email and instant messenger, and a lot more.

We're looking for experienced Rust developers that understand blockchain, familiar with Polkadot/Substrate ecosystem and eager to work on cutting-edge blockchain research and redesign of the legacy internet protocols from scratch. Experience with IPFS/understanding DHT would be a plus.

Remote work, flexible hours, good salary + % of the tokens. The software is Open Source, so you get the public credit once it succeeds.

Here's a summary of what we're up to: