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Oct 27, 2021
Full time

About Subsquid

Our vision is that the growing complexity of Web3 dApps requires a new toolset for data ingestion and transformation. We believe that the developer’s creative minds should be focused on the application logic, and not be distracted by setting up the data infrastructure. Frequent iterations and short deployment cycles is what we understand by the best-in-class Dev UX.

About this role

Are you a person who loves speaking, writing and helping other developers to get familiar with the growing world of Web 3.0 technologies? As a key member of our growing team, you will be the face and voice of As our mission is to deliver the best API experience to the blockchain space, you will be helping our community of builders to grow and learn about our new features and products.

By telling a compelling story through code examples, demos, tutorials, engaging docs and medium posts, we expect you to be as close as possible to the devs. Helping the developers to build new dApps and products while learning from their experiences is what we think is essential to win their hearts.

This role assumes that you are comfortable wearing many hats, from engineering to community building to education to a bit of marketing and PR.


  • Interact with developers and users of the ecosystem to understand their needs, and communicate the feedback to the rest of the team

  • Write demo applications to demonstrate developers how Subsquid operates and how its functionality can be used

  • Create documentation such as blog posts, tutorials and videos

  • Engage with the community and answer tech questions during the office hours

  • Take the stage on online and offline meetups and conferences

  • Be a go-to person for technical question during hackathons and workshops

The ideal candidate

  • Good understanding of blockchain technology and a strong interest in the Kusama/Polkadot ecosystem

  • Has done a similar job before in this industry, with shareable examples of previous opportunities.

  • Excellent communication and writing skills in english, with a strong sense of empathy

  • Ability to code demos as well as the skills to document and comment code

  • Can confidently moderate discussions among technical and non-technical groups.


Subsquid is a well-funded project with a few years runway. We offer generous token allocation and competitive salary based on the expectations and experience.