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BitGreen Foundation
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Feb 16, 2021
Remote/On site
New York
Part time

BitGreen is a social venture rewarding everyday impactful actions. We launched a currency (BITG) and are building the ecosystem where individuals can earn on everyday impactful actions (recycling, volunteering, cycling, and more), and can spend their earnings with sustainable vendors, effective charities, and offset partners. Think of it as a loyalty program for being a change hero. Our community and partnerships span 56 countries, thousands of individuals, and tens of thousands of impactful actions already.

As we look to scale our impact, we’re seeking a purpose-driven growth marketing professional with a proven track record and the passion to ensure the whole world knows and becomes part of our impact ecosystem. You’ll be joining the core foundation team, will own our user acquisition and help lead on our brand presence. As our Growth marketing lead, you’ll own the budget, draft the strategy, and manage its execution. You’ll be testing out traction channels and messaging, looking for ways to hack growth, and keep swinging to ensure we reach our growth targets, with full support of the team and the community.

This is the perfect position for someone looking to catalyze impact in scale, and to be on the front lines of this frontier technology. Candidates will be expected to provide case studies of past work and reflect their expert handle on the different traction channels likely available for a venture of our type.