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Mar 26, 2021
Full time

About DotMatrix

DotMatrix is an official community partner of the PolkaDot DeFi Alliance. We are razor focused on Substrate, using it to work on interesting and rapidly growing projects in the Polkadot DeFi Space, with a vision to enable the DeFi revolution; Leading to a more transparent & independent financial system for the masses.

Why are we hiring?

DotMatrix is looking to hire a VP of Engineering to help us expand our growing team and navigating the team through the technical challenges they face in developing on Substrate. This role will report to CTO but will be a partner to the CTO with orthogonal goals…


  • Give Substrate engineers the processes, management, mentorship, and tools to ship the best products (such as a comprehensive knowledge base, uncomplicated org structure, learning opportunities, simple processes and technical standards)

  • Set and track goals and KPIs for the engineering team.

  • Assist in recruiting and hiring; and building the DotMatrix engineering team.

  • Working with the product team to set expectations, allocate resources and prioritize, and follow through on our commitments

  • Responsible for the happiness, retention, advancement, and performance of all engineers

Requirements :

  • Demonstrable experience in building with Substrate - while you won’t need to be writing code, it is easier to lead a Substrate engineering if you can contribute in architectural discussions.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Experience leading a diverse team.

  • Experience scaling a team

  • Comfortable with continuous delivery and fast-paced product development environment

  • Empathetic & humble

  • Agrees with the philosophy of Servant Leadership: You will lead by pointing engineers in the right direction and being there to help & support them along the way, not by micromanaging or demanding. Know more here

Nice-to-haves :

  • Open-source software background.

Benefits :

  • Werencourage to ideate and build out projects with DotMatrix resources. We embrace entrepreneurship, innovation, growth, project equity, passion and collaboration.

  • Making impact on the stuff that matters for the upcoming DeFi revolution on the Polkadot network.

  • Building on the most cutting-edge technology for the future web.

  • Exposure to different projects using variety of innovative approaches to solve current issues in DeFi space.

  • Time for personal projects,

  • Equity!

  • Remote friendly

  • As long as the work’s getting done we don’t care what part of the day, continuous or in break are you working. (We are currently spread over 7 time zones)

  • Generous package.


Our Ethos: Taking our years of experience and expertise and partnering with aspiring, driven, and motivated minds to create extraordinary results, break barriers, invent and innovate, and blow minds. Plunging into the crazy and coming out triumphant, breaking norms, and run through madness to help you achieve your goals.

Our Logos: Our engineering expertise and backgrounds make our brains itch until we solve a problem, so why not do it to make the world a better place? We have a tight-knit family of highly skilled, eager to work, and determined people. We come from all walks of life, and our distinct personalities and experiences make us an asset you cannot resist. Working for you will be a group consisting of an intelligent and whip-smart young developer along with three senior members who are pioneers in their fields. Not only have we worked for giants and massive companies, we also have expertise with nascent fields that will give you a competitive edge. Our unique style may not fit with some, but our niche clients can always benefit from it.

Our Pathos: Working in the industry for many years, exploring the changing trends, and making on our own has made us a formidable force, and nothing can stop us for working hard and powering through. With our gut instincts, skills, and efforts, we promise to overdeliver, overachieve, and triumph.