Frontend Engineer

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Zeitgeist PM
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Nov 14, 2022
Full time

Front-End Developer (TypeScript / React / Mobx)

$70k – $100k • No equity

About Zeitgeist PM

Zeitgeist PM is a blockchain startup that is building technology for open prediction markets and governance solutions. Prediction markets are exchange-based markets that trade on the outcomes of future events. Academic literature has consistently shown that prediction markets (PMs) are the best tool for gathering an accurate signal on future outcomes, beating out polling and other similiar methods.

Supported by Zeitgeist Foundation, a Singaporean non-profit entity, the core product of Zeitgeist PM is the Zeitgeist Network. The Zeitgeist Network is a decentralized blockchain infrastructure built using Substrate that features the core functionality of creating, trading, and resolving prediction markets. Further to this, Zeitgeist PM also builds tooling such as the SDK for interacting with the network, a front-end application for interacting with the chain, and other necessary infrastructure.

We are a remote-first company with team members located across five continents. Our work culture believes in autonomy for pursuing the best solutions to problems facing the organization, and we operate inspired by holacratic practices.

About this Role

We are looking for a Front-End Developer to join our Application team and join us in building the best prediction markets and governance application built on blockchain technology. You will collaborate with our front-end team and help to brainstorm, plan, and develop new features on the application. Working with the product team, you will observe, analyze and incorporate user sessions and bug reports back into improvements to the application. Occasionally you may work on one-off smaller projects as needed such as landing page improvements, single page application for a bespoke purpose, or related tools.


  • Participate in front-end team meetings and sprint planning to triage issues, feature requests, and bug reports into weekly chunks of work.

  • Develop the flagship front-end application for the Zeitgeist chain.

  • Review, comment, and audit pull requests and new code commits submitted to the Zeitgeist application repository.

  • Work alongside the backend team to help assist and steer the direction for adding new queries from the GraphQL backend.

  • Write clear and consise documentation.


  • 2+ years experience with TypeScript, React, and state management libraries such as Redux or Mobx.

  • A familiarity with best practices in regard to designing client-side React applications.

  • Experience using Git and working primarily on GitHub as a collaboration platform.

  • The ability to work autonomously and adapt to changing needs of a growing company.

  • English fluency and remote communication skills.

Nice to Haves

  • DevOps experience.

  • Blockchain experience.

  • EU or USA timezone.