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Mar 04, 2021
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Chainflip is looking for engineers

tl;dr: Engineers of all calibres wanted. Salary range: EUR 60 - 150k + equity/tokens. Berlin preferred, remote considered. Relocation also possible.


Chainflip enables direct cross-chain cryptocurrency swapping - for example Bitcoin for Ethereum - without using centralised exchanges, specialised wallets, or wrapped tokens.

Existing decentralised token swapping solutions suffer from a range of issues that severely limit usability, privacy, and practicality. Utilising a system of distributed Validators, Chainflip takes the simple AMM concept and allows it to happen cross-chain, without sacrificing decentralisation or usability. With several blockchain ecosystems appearing at once, the team that can solve this problem will have built core infrastructure used in the industry for years to come.

Users enter their receiving address, send coins to the automatically-generated deposit address, and that's it. It's like Shapeshift 1.0 without any of the counter-party risk.

We’ve spent over 9 months working on the product already, which to date has been developed by our team of experienced engineers that have been working with each other for some years already on other projects as well. The team will be dramatically expanded over the next 6 months, and we’re looking for people who want to be a part of a fast-growing early-stage team. 

The Role 

You’ll be joining experienced founders along with an existing engineering team. We’re an early stage venture but we already have momentum, funding ($4m+) and most importantly, a plan.

We're looking for engineers of all types, though we have a preference for those who already know how to code in Rust or C++ and have worked on distributed systems before. If you've used Substrate before, it's a huge benefit to your application.

Engineers at Chainflip work on fascinating problems, including:

  • Forkless network upgrades

  • Threshold encryption

  • Decentralised, asynchronous custody management

Ideally you:

  • Understand the value of formal software engineering processes

  • Can teach yourself how to code in any particular language

  • Want to work in and shape a world-class team

  • Are in or are willing to move to Berlin

The Process

Please submit your CV for review. For our engineering or technical roles, the first step will be a 1hr remote code interview run by our existing engineering team in a language of your choice. Further stages will be a more informal meeting with various members of the team. 

This is a key hire, so we are willing to move quickly for the right person. If you have any questions about the role you can email team@chainflip.io. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you join us on our journey.


Salary range is €60k - 150k depending on experience level, plus equity/tokens.