TypeScript Architect (SDK and Tooling)

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May 26, 2021
Full time

Zeitgeist is building a blockchain for prediction markets and futarchy (the use of prediction markets as signals to inform governance decisions). We are building in the Polkadot ecosystem by targetting a deployment as a Kusama parachain, which will allow us to interact with the wider crosschain ecosystem.

We are currently seeking a TypeScript Architect, who has experience and appreciation for clean code and high quality software. The role will be focused on building and maintaing our TypeScript monorepo that contains the SDK, as well as peripheral tooling for interacting with our chain. Experience with blockchain is not required, but highly preferred since you will be building the foundation layer for interacting with the chain, which includes knowledge of networking (request throttling), as well as a mind for optimization. Another key part of this role is documentation, since for the SDK, the documentation will be as comprehensive or even more comprehensive than the code. Experience with creating API libraries is also preferred.

You will be a key member on a small, but growing team, with the mission of decentralization and a culture preferring a flat organization and holocracy.


  • Build and maintain the TypeScript monorepo of Zeitgeist, including SDK, CLI, and peripheral tooling.

  • Write and maintain documentation for using the SDK and other tools.

  • Create a library that is aimed at other developers and values both high code quality as well as clarity in the API.

  • Ensure high code coverage and robust integration and unit tests.

  • Report directly to the CEO / CTO.


  • Experience working in TypeScript projects or monorepos managed by Lerna.

  • Proficiency and capability for creating clear documentation in English.

  • Experience working on remote and distributed teams, in an independent environment.

  • Experience with Git and GitHub, and standard workflows.

  • Familiarity with Docker and other container technologies.

  • Familiarity with automation technologies and CI.

Nice to Have

  • A computer science or related degree.

  • Experience working on Parity Substrate or Polkadot related technologies.

  • DevOps or infrastructure experience.