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Apr 03, 2023

B-Datagray is a blockchain start-up developing a decentralized GPU/CPU (on-chain) cloud computing infrastructure (Datagen infrastructure) for Web3 applications and protocols, using an efficient asynchronous randomized consensus protocol. We can make decentralized cloud computing efficient, low latency, more affordable and more … decentralized. We are actually developing our PoC, which is object of a W3F level2 Grant ( ). The grant is divided into 3 Milestones. The first one has been delivered and approved.

The job concerns two phases:

-First phase develop and deliver the second milestone of the W3F Grant.

-Second phase (only after the collaboration with the dev had proven successful for the Milestone development) can be discussed a long-term full-time engagement.

What do we expect?
→ Minimum Rust work experience of 2+ years;
→ Extensive knowledge of Rust, the Substrate ecosystem, Substrate pallet development (knowledge of substrate bridges, containers, dockers, WASM is a plus);
→ Experienced in working & communicating within a team in English;
→ We expect the dev to communicate daily with the management team, to always answer to any message within a few hour and to be present at team meeting. Any excuse to avoid to daily update the team, to leave messages unanswered or not to show at team meetings will cause any collaboration agreement to be scrapped;                                                                              → Mandatory to update daily the team, to put all the code and tests in the company’s GitHub. Vague and evasive explanations are not considered updating, if the other team members reasonably suspect that the dev is not taking seriously the commitment, the dev will be fired in no time
Available to work full time at least for the Second Milestone development (≈1 month), for the Third Milestone the engagement will be part-time (given that is mostly front-end, to be developed by our current front-end dev). Willing to consider long-term full-time engagement after the completion of the W3F grant, for the further development Milestones;                                                            → Capability (at least for the Second Milestone) to operate as a solo dev, autonomously. The other team members can assist with architecture design, but the dev will be the only substrate dev working on the Milestone. For long term perspective, we plan to hire more than one substrate dev.                               → Respect for the timeline is respect for the team. We understand that development isn’t an exact science, but, once you say that you will perform a task (big or small) in a timeline you are assessing, we expect you to respect it.


Please, before considering engaging in the development of our PoC, take an extensive look at the design details , and assess your capability and willingness to work on this project: there is no point in wasting both your time and our time!


What you'll get?
Crypto-native working culture in a young & dynamic team;
→ Opportunity to work for an ambitious infrastructural project (not-your standard-dapp) and to get in early, potentially obtaining positions of responsibility once the team grows;
Fair compensation (stablecoin + native DataGen token);                                                                                       → Flexible working hours. We expect you to be available for calls / messages in UTC compatible time (UTC morning or afternoon), but is up to you when to code (provided that we expect you to respect timelines);
→ Steep learning curve with the opportunity to develop new tech and experiment and grow;
→ For the development of the Second Milestone (given the short engagement) you will work remotely. For long-term involvement, we can discuss about relocation to Dublin, Ireland, but it is not mandatory on the dev side;              →Transparent and brutally honest team-members;
→ Work to write a piece of history for Web3, be part of a dream.

Join a startup building the future of decentralized cloud computing. ✨