Content Writer DeFi

Company Name
Composable Finance
Aug 31, 2021
Full time

Full time remote 

Anyone can write, but not just anyone can write well.

This is especially true when writing public-facing content for a technology company, where you have a wide range of readers, from newcomers to experts in the space.

Thus, the most important characteristic we are seeking in a content writer is the ability to disseminate often complex information in a way that is helpful and educative to an audience with any level of background knowledge - without being too technical and alienating novices, or being too simple and being unhelpful to those seeking advanced information.

Our organization specializes in decentralized finance (DeFi), or the application of blockchain technology to financial tools. Knowledge in this topic is, of course, strongly preferred. However, the most critical traits we are seeking in a content writer are:

  • The ability to learn quickly - the DeFi space changes rapidly, and we are all constantly learning new things.

  • The ability to solve problems effectively and independently - DeFi is a new field, and we are often charting unnavigated waters meaning there is typically no “standard” way of doing certain things.

  • Most importantly, strong writing skills - as mentioned, your audience will be incredibly diverse, as DeFi aims to put financial power into the hands of the general populace, and content should be accessible to all. 

You will be working as a knowledge bridge between our internal teams and the rest of the world. Specifically, you will join the existing content team, where you will be assigned topics for written content such as blog posts, grant applications, website content, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Example topics include announcing partnerships, appealing to investors, and describing our products and updates. You will be given the necessary internal resources/information to support this writing, in addition to being expected to perform additional, relatively simple topic research online when needed.


  • Write, edit, review and design high-quality, public-facing accessible written content and documentation. 

  • Perform simple online research as necessary to augment this written content.

  • Simplify complex concepts or processes to maximize reader comprehension (make use of diagrams, charts and pictures to make them easier to understand).

  • Actively contribute to media conversations around blockchain/cryptocurrency/DeFi.


  • Ability to adhere to deadlines and communicate with necessary stakeholders.

  • Ability to take instructions well and follow a general prompt, while expanding upon it as you determine appropriate.

  • Ability to receive feedback positively and incorporate this feedback into your future work.

  • Excellent written communication skills.

  • Industry knowledge in blockchain & DeFi.

  • A genuine interest in cryptocurrency, blockchains and other Web 3.0 technologies.

  • Strong analytical skills and attention to detail.

  • Ability to operate independently and take on additional responsibilities as needed.

  • Ability to simplify complex topics in writing, and visually with diagrams.


  • 100% remote & flexible hours

  • Participation in a cutting-edge, exponentially growing industry

  • Growing, challenging environment

  • Learning possibilities (conferences, meet-ups, courses and more!)

  • Additional equipment

  • Paid time off