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Kylin Network
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Mar 28, 2022
Remote/On site
Full time

The Kylin CMO will be a new, key and central role branching off from the CEO (Project Lead), and will be tasked with helping to guide general strategy and tactics across the entire team and project with respect to growing both awareness and use of Kylin Network’s products. 

This role will report directly to the Project Lead (Dylan Dewdney) and Board Members of Kylin Network, and execute on the milestones and goals set out for them. 

The CMO will work conscientiously to develop an innovative, value-driven, and explosive marketing plan to massify the narrative of Kylin Network and DeData and realize Kylin Network as a significant force in the intersection of blockchain and data (DeData); the CMO will manage effectively and prioritize the aims and strategy of Kylin Network, self and co-developed in concert with the executive team, such that Kylin Network is recognized as the ultimate leader in this area. 

The CMO will organize, refine and coordinate all communication channels internally and externally for a consistent line of communication and narrative. 


The CMO will help to support the growth of BD-oriented team members and real integrations and use of our products across our expansive partner network (50+ projects) in concert with their marketing efforts and reach.

The CMO will act as a key public team member and ambassador and evangelist of the project, undertaking speaking engagements and interviews for Kylin Network. 

The CMO will commit to at least 2 years of passionate, concerted hard work and grind while maintaining personal life balance.