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Jun 18, 2021

The role as a Tech Evangelist/Developer Advocat at Subsquid

About Subsquid

Subsquid (former Hydra) is an open source framework for indexing and transforming blockchain data, making it easily accessible for dApps. Subsquid started as a Hakusama hackathon project a year ago, and is a member of the Substrate Builders program. Nowadays Subsquid powers one of the most complex dApps built on top of Substrate chains, such as Joystream Atlas and Subsocial. Subsquid with its battle-tested two-tier architecture is uniquely positioned to power the most complex and advanced applications in the Polkadot ecosystem and beyond. 

Our vision is that the growing complexity of Web3 dApps requires a new toolset for data ingestion and transformation. We believe that the developer’s creative minds should be focused on the application logic, and not be distracted by setting up the data infrastructure. Frequent iterations and short deployment cycles is what we understand by the best-in-class Dev UX. 

Currently the team is operating remotely, granting you the freedom to choose where you want to collaborate from.

Job Description is looking for a Tech Evangelist/Developer Advocat to join us to attract the interest of developers in the substrate space. Our ideal candidate  knows the concerns, interests, demographics, and cultures of developers, and has  creative ideas around how we can connect deeply and effectively with them. As a key member of our small,  and growing team, you will be the face and voice of to developers.You will be the go to person for telling our story to the market - on stage at events, during industry-wide webcasts, and in conference rooms at the largest companies.The successful candidate is an engaging communicator, passionate about blockchain technology and substrate, and loves interacting with clients and prospects.

Note: Travel will be required of this role once events will start to happen again.



  • Developer Advocacy and Community Building: You will be responsible for enhancing and leading subsquids global developer community. Your initial target audience will be all developers in the substrate ecosystem that could easily leverage subsquids tech. We would also expect you to grow the community beyond Polkadot/Kusama developers in the future - to other blockchains.

  • Identify strategies and opportunities to bring content and perspective to both developers and executives who manage them.

  • Write demo applications and code to demonstrate developers how subsquid operates and how its functionality can be used

  • Create documentation such as blog posts, tutorials and videos to teach developers how to utilize subsquid

  • Craft attention on social media (primarily Discord, Twitter and Medium but also Reddit and Telegram). Engage with the community and answer questions. Interact with developers and users of the ecosystem to understand their needs, and write articles, tutorials and code in response

  • Identify trends and needs in order to position subsquid as a thought leader in the community

  • Use and create open source projects so developers can adopt the company’s offerings quicker and more confidently.

The ideal candidate

  • Good understanding of blockchain technology and a strong interest in substrate

  • Has done a similar job before in this industry, with sharable examples of previous opportunities.

  • Excellent communication and writing skills in english.

  • Experience programming in Rust, JavaScript or TypeScript

  • Ability to code demos as well as the skills to document and comment code

  • Familiarity using tools (Github, NPMjs, Discord, Slack etc..)

  • Can confidently moderate discussions among technical and non-technical groups.

  • Optional: Has built a visible online presence via social media, blogs, forums, GitHub repos and/or community involvement.